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An organization without strategy is insane. Leaders who don’t innovate won’t survive.



An organization that’s not changing is an organization that’s not moving. Yet how many organizations really know where to find the right strategy that will truly differentiate them and give them an advantage?

The most important strategic moves will always come out a personalized process taken from a wide range of toolsets and experiences. Why? Because every organization must be uniquely positioned to compete into a massively-chaotic future with an innovative, unduplicatable, and winning strategic plan.

That’s where ClariXy excels! We leverage 100’s of strategy tools to uncover and open up wide your organization’s fullest potential.


Creating something new is exciting! Innovation is where wealth, growth and legacy come from.

With desire and passion, and the right creative input, everything can be innovated on.

Coffee’s been around for thousands of years. Starbucks innovated it.

Social Media
Remember MySpace? At the height of its popularity, MySpace was ahead of Google. Until Facebook innovated.

Innovation is more than survival. Innovation is everything. It’s the driving force behind the new global economy.


Change matters. It drives behaviors that increases mindshare and wallet-share. Change is solving problems today so that you have a better, brighter tomorrow.

Change disrupts the status quo!


Every organization has a rare advantage smiling down at them. Few will stop long enough to see them so that they can take advantage of them.

ClariXy uncovers talents + opportunities that will speed up and amplify growth.


Scrappy innovators inside large organizations or start-ups turn entire markets upside. The new economy advantages will always go to those who stop for a moment and discover where they can innovate.

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What We Do


Our team works with the world’s most interesting and exciting brands to double their success.

We have one purpose and one purpose only


Remind you why—precisely why—your mission and vision exists, and how to effectively leverage your advantages to grow and thrive.


Re-life: breathing life and enthusiasm back into your world. Magnifying how the future is still yours to impact and change.


Give you a clean picture and path to exactly where you’re going, and a clear map to get there.

Where are you headed? Is your GPS working? Is your current strategy getting you exactly to where you want to go?

Let’s innovate and make it work! Let’s add some excitement back to it!



Disrupt or be Disrupted

Everyone’s talking about ‘Disruption’ for very good reasons. Market disruptions are happening faster than most organizations are really ready for, let alone strategically prepared to take real advantage of them.

We are past discussing the what-ifs of a globally-connected world, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles, or Big Data’s massively disruptive impact on business growth. Love them or hate them, global organizations like , , , , , or the newly reinvented have already factored in massive market shifts:


For new economy leaders within business or nonprofits to thrive, strategy + innovation is a must.

Effective strategy starts with crystal clear clariXy: finding a unique, hard to duplicate one percent that will propel your organization to an advantage. A defined and effective course that begins with a granular dive into what high-impact moves will ensure your long-term existence and vitality on a local or global stage.


A bestselling business book has never solved world peace.

The true health and vitality of your organization in a noisy, hyper-competitive world will only come from uncovering and executing on clear and distinguishing advantages. While keeping it all simple, yet fun!

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about what it will take to find your story.

Carolina Amaya

Carolina Amaya

Director, Enterprise Sales Engagement

People Connector

Carolina leads ClariXy’s people + connections. Born in Bogotá, she became a proud US Citizen as a young girl. Carolina has spent most of her career as a pioneer in technology, specifically targeting technology innovation, business transformation and sales growth. Carolina is multilingual and has traveled the world extensively—giving her a global understanding of business and people — as well as a love and understanding on how powerful our uniqueness’s are when we work together. If Carolina could be defined in three words they would be inspiring, unstoppable, and a passionate lover of people (ok, that's more than three words, but trust us that there are about fifty).

Edward Amaya

Chief Strategy + Innovation Officer


Market disruption requires creating a strategy + advantage that no one else will easily duplicate. Innovative thinking lifts and propels forward.

Edward Amaya leads Clarixy's strategy + innovation practice for global companies, growth oriented SMBs, nonprofits, and political campaigns who are stepping out to turn the status quo upside down. Edward focuses the ClariXy team's attention on organizations and movements passionate enough to believe that they can—with the right measurement of moxie—actually do something to change the world.

Edward Amaya

Bringing clarity to your unique [X] advantage in an extremely noisy, crazy, and hyper-competitive world.

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